Check out the paintings that have passed through the Adonis Gallery over the years.  This is not a complete list, but it gives a very good idea of the range of work exhibited and sold at the gallery.  Some paintings were of the highest quality; others are works by lesser artists but all of whom have their own individual take on the male form in art.  Here you can see wonderful works by Nebojsa Zdravkovic, Cornelius McCarthy and others that have disappeared into private collections and may not come back onto the market for many years - and you can explore the depiction of the male form in art in all its manifestations and view it through the eyes of of some highly individual and talented creators.  Enjoy your trip through the world of past sales and, though these paintings are no longer on the market, you can get check what is available by going to the 'Artist' list in the main menu.  Enjoy your visit.

Thumbnail image: Cornelius McCarthy - SOLD
Cornelius McCarthy - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Nebojsa Zdravkovic - SOLD
Nebojsa Zdravkovic - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Kiril Fadeyev - SOLD
Kiril Fadeyev - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Andrew Potter - SOLD
Andrew Potter - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Peter Samuelson - SOLD
Peter Samuelson - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Phillip Swarbrick - SOLD
Phillip Swarbrick - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Kenya Shimizu - SOLD
Kenya Shimizu - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Roger Payne - SOLD
Roger Payne - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Myles Antony - SOLD
Myles Antony - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Alexandra G - SOLD
Alexandra G - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Douglas Simonson - SOLD
Douglas Simonson - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Other Artists - SOLD
Other Artists - SOLD
Thumbnail image: Photography - SOLD
Photography - SOLD