Pay by Instalments

Effective From

If you wish to reserve an item and pay over a period of time (usually 3 to 4 months) you can do so by emailing your request to There is no charge made for this service, but orders will not be dispatched until they have been fully paid for.

This service only applies paintings and drawings, not to books or other low-price items.

First email giving the title, artist's name and price of the item you wish to buy. If the item is still available you will be sent a payment request for the first instalment. As soon as that instalment is received by Adonis Art the item will be marked 'sold' on the website.

The price of the sale will be the price marked online plus the shipping charge.  The amount of each instalment will be the total price  (item + shipping charge) divided by the number of months it is to be paid over. No extra charge is made for this service.

The payment request can be sent either as a secure link to the Adonis Art bank account (Barclays Bank) or as a PayPal payment request. Either way your financial details are completely confidential. Adonis Art will not have access to your banking or credit/debit card details (they are processed independently by the bank or PayPal).

Buying in instalments is a safe way for you to acquire works of art which may otherwise have proven unaffordable. To repeat, no extra charge is made to use this service.