Sell Your Art through the Adonis Gallery


Maybe you have a surplus of male art in your collection or you have inherited a work of male art that you don't wish to keep.  If so, the Adonis Art Gallery can help to publicize the item(s)

You can sell the work through the Adonis Art Gallery at no cost to yourself until a sale is made.  This window is open to artists as well, though the gallery has a limited number of spaces available for new artists.  

MOST IMPORTANT: the subject matter must be MALE art*. The Adonis Gallery does not deal in any other subjects at all.

*What is ‘MALE’ art?; As it states on the home page of the website, it comprises… ‘antique and contemporary works of art that celebrate the male body in all its strength and beauty’. These include any depiction of men, clothed or unclothed, in romantic or non-romantic situations. However, there must be the element of attractiveness about the artworks that gives them appeal.(You can get a good idea what is acceptable by looking through the pages of the Adonis Gallery website).

To make a submission, first send a few .jpeg images of the work you want to sell to so we can decide whether it is right for our website.  We will reply as promptly as we can with our decision.  The types of work we will consider are: paintings and drawings; art photography and digital art

These can be your own work made as a practicing artist, or a painting (or paintings) from your collection. If the work is not by your own hand, please give the name of the artist and a date when it was created (if possible). Please add any other information you consider relevant.

The decision whether to accept your submissions will be made by the gallery and the decision is final. Usually the gallery will give reasons but it does not have to. The gallery will not enter into any drawn-out communications about non-acceptance.

If your work is accepted for display, it will be understood that a commission will be charged for every item sold. The commission rate will be agreed before the works are displayed on the website.

Please submit images of the artwork you would like to sell to  If your work is accepted you will receive further information by email about what to do next.

This is a great way to display your work at no cost to yourself until a sale is made - so why not give it a try.  You have nothing to lose.