Phillip Swarbrick

The work of Phillip Swarbrick is sometimes characterised as pornographic because it deals with sub-cultural areas of life.  He himself characterises much of his work as 'dangerous' - and he relishes exploring those areas of life that are rarely the subject matter of art. He enjoys the fantasies that he can create by touching on extreme or taboo subjects, and the discomfiture of viewers for whom the content is too strong.

But don't be misled: Swarbrick is a talented artist. He was born in South Africa and, after a short spell in the police force, came to England to escape from the apartheid regime then in power. For a time he worked as an art teacher before launching into a full-time artistic career.  His work is often confrontational, sometimes shocking, but always exceptionally interesting. His paintings may be hard to display, but many collectors look forward to every new work this exceptional artist creates.

Phillip Swarbrick is working on a new series of paintings at present.

Currently, there are no works available for this artist.