How to sell your Collection at Adonis Art

Many collectors reach a stage in their lives when they decide to sell some or all of their collections of male art.  This could be because of retirement and moving into a smaller property or because of the death of the collector.  It is often difficult to find a gallery or auction house to sell male artwork for you.  This is where Adonis Art can help out.  Over the years a number of collections have been sold through the gallery, just by listing the individual paintings.  However sometimes the fact of pre-ownership in a collection can create an added interest in the works displayed, hence the decision to showcase the collections together.  At present there are two collections displayed on the gallery website.  These are the 'Solihull Collection' - comprising works from the 1950's by Peter Samuelson (1912-96) along with other more recent works by Andrew Potter etc.; and the 'Fetish Art Collection' built up by a collector in the Netherlands and including some works by notable exponents of the genre. This collection has been displayed for a considerable time and you can see from the number of sales how successful it has been.  Two other collections for sale are in preparation at the moment comprising a wide variety of male art.  You can find the collections for sale on the Artist page of this website.  Just scroll down past the individual artists until you come the the Collections listed at the end.

If you would be interested in offering your collections for sale, please contact the gallery at


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