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How to sell your Collection at Adonis Art

17 February, 2024

Many collectors reach a stage in their lives when they decide to sell some or all of their collections of male art.  This could be because of retirement and moving into a smaller property or because of the death of the collector.  It is often difficult to find a gallery or auction house to sell male artwork for you.  This is where Adonis Art can help out.  Over the years a number of collections have been sold through the gallery, just by listing the individual paintings.

February 2020

11 February, 2024

New Menus at Adonis Art

2 December, 2020

New artists include British painter Dan Swan and Russian graphic artist Ivan Bubentkov.  Plus coming Soon to Adonis Art, lithographs and prints by Cornelius McCarthy never exhibited before.  These highly stylised prints show McCarthy at his most brilliantly imaginative.  Keep an eye out for them.  If you have male art to display, either as an artist, photographer or collector, read how to do so in 'Sell Your Art' in the 'Other' drop-down list.  Enjoy browsing the website.

A New Image for Adonis Art

3 October, 2018

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'Radiant Affinities' - the biography of Cornelius McCarthy

13 September, 2018

By life-long friend and art critic Peter Dobson, 'Radiant Affinities' is the definitive work on the life and inspiration of the artist Cornelius McCarthy. It highlights the significant developments in his life and his sensibility to the male form in art. A must-have for any collector of McCarthy's paintings, find it for sale by clicking on this link.

Adonis Launches New Website

10 September, 2018

The new Adonis Art website has been created to remove many of the glitches that affected the old one, and to provide an easier and more logical way to explore the art on show. This is reflected in the change of our domain to the shorter and snappier ''.

The website has also been designed to enable new artists and collectors to display their work to a larger audience at no cost to themselves (until a sale is made). Find out more by going to the 'Sell Your Art' page under the 'Art Market' tab.

Collections for Sale

9 September, 2018

Already several art lovers have put their treasured collections of male art up for sale. There are many reasons to do so. The most common is finding a new home for works that have given lots of pleasure but now need to find new owners. Sometimes the owners are downsizing and need the space; sometimes it is age or ill-health; sometimes it is having no one to inherit. But often it is simply that they want to take a profit and use the money raised for something else.